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“It is better to create a plan 10 years too soon than one day too late.”

Originally from Chicago, but left the cold north and arrived in sunny Boca Raton in 1979 and never looked back. I've lived here for more than half my life so I consider this my home.  I got into the insurance business shortly after settling to my new surroundings. My mentor in the insurance industry, advised me to be a big fish in a little pond. Meaning, knowing something better than anyone else, so Long-Term care and Medicare became my specialties. Early in my career, I understood what would separate myself from all the other agents, customer service. I believe then, as I do now, the most important facet in my profession is personalized customer service. 

Abe Glickman



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Long-Term Care


Since 1988 I have worked in the field of aging. My experiences has made it clear to me that best course of action is to keep clients as far away from Nursing Homes as possible. My goal is to keep my clients at home for as long as possible, if not for the rest of their lives.  As a professional Insurance Agent, I best serve my clients by helping them plan ahead so they can receive care at home when the time comes. By having a comprehensive Long Term Care Insurance policy, we have together put the appropriate plan of action in place.

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Age is just a number; however turning 65 does mean a serious decision regarding your future medical health insurance will need to be made.  Medicare is a federal health insurance program for persons 65 or older, persons of any age with permanent kidney failure, and certain disabled persons. You will need a proven professional to help you facilitate through this process.  As your insurance agent, I have the knowledge and resources to assist you in your decision for the next phase of your healthcare. Remember, you can sign up 90 days prior to your birth date.  It is better to create a plan too soon than one day too late! 


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